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War Graffiti (Page 1)

War GraffitiGaza Strip Mysterious British Graffiti Artist Banksy Sneaks Into Gaza, Makes War Murals
War GraffitiVandals spray graffiti on graves at British World War Two cemetery in the Netherlands
War GraffitiWar and art: The graffiti movement in Syria
War GraffitiGraffiti 'war' between Sintex, out-of-towners turns ugly in Detroit
War GraffitiA PewDiePie fan keeps repeatedly defacing the WW2 memorial in Brooklyn : trashy
War GraffitiGraffiti in an abandoned and, during the bosnian war, destroyed tower in Sarajevo : pics
War GraffitiThe graffiti in Dublin, Ireland has the right idea : pics
War GraffitiGraffiti is not a crime. : conspiracywallpaper
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War GraffitiWar memorial vandalised with anarchist graffiti
War GraffitiCreative-Idle: Scrapbook: Street Project, War graffiti
War GraffitiBANKSY * ANTI-WAR * Colorized $2 Bill U.S. Legal Tender Street Artist Graffiti
War Graffiti'No War But The Class War' graffiti seen in Marrickville : sydney