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Lei Feng's blackboard newspaper (Page 1)

Lei Feng's blackboard newspaperUrban vocational school students actively use posters, billboards and blackboard newspapers to promote Lei Feng's spirit
Lei Feng's blackboard newspaperThe next step of the exhibition is to learn from Lei Feng's handwritten newspaper at the secondary school of blakesu township
Lei Feng's blackboard newspaperThe blackboard newspaper members not only describe Lei Feng in their hearts through the pen in their hands, but also use the most real language
Lei Feng's blackboard newspaper"Learn from Lei Feng" blackboard newspaper appeared in Zhalantun railway community
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Lei Feng's blackboard newspaperZhang Lei Feng's handwritten newspaper reflects their admiration for Uncle Lei Feng. Learn from Lei Feng's good example!
Lei Feng's blackboard newspaperThe Pre-school Education College of Shandong Yingcai University held the activity of "learning from Lei Feng"

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