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Sycamore tree blossoms (Page 1)

Sycamore tree blossomsWhat kind of tree is this? It will bloom in summer, purple like morning glory
Sycamore tree blossomsNot much, if any, the Wutong gas in the air is like primary school.
Sycamore tree blossoms[first] Wutong trees are blooming.
Sycamore tree blossomsWutong tree is different from other trees. It first blossoms and grows leaves. Every Wutong flower is not grown in branches.
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Sycamore tree blossoms[summer of Binhai] Wutong tree blossoms
Sycamore tree blossomsThese days are the flowering season of Shanghai Wutong tree, which reminds me of the spring of old houses in childhood, especially in spring.

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