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Kong Ci and bu Jingyun (Page 1)

Kong Ci and bu JingyunKong CI is famous for his name Bu Jingyun. His expression is intoxicated
Kong Ci and bu Jingyun"The wind and cloud" Bu Jingyun is so cold that he is so enthusiastic about Kong CI. As a result, the waves are broken
Kong Ci and bu JingyunWhy does Bu Jingyun love Confucius
Kong Ci and bu JingyunBu Jingyun forcefully kisses Kong CI on the way. This scene happens to be broken by Nie Feng. The love triangle is ridiculous!
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Kong Ci and bu JingyunQin Shuang, Kong Ci, bu Jingyun, Nie Feng, duanlang (as a child)
Kong Ci and bu JingyunNew wind and cloud: Nie Feng, bu Jingyun and Kong Ci's love affair

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