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Chengdu Chunxi Road Panda (Page 1)

Chengdu Chunxi Road PandaThis one kneeling panda is the one who proposed to be married by Chunxi Rd. Dr. who was popular all over the country in May Day. He knelt for 20 days in a row
Chengdu Chunxi Road PandaFriends who have been to Chengdu all know that there is a panda climbing over the wall all the year round on Chunxi Road
Chengdu Chunxi Road PandaChengdu! Chunxi Road shows two Dr giant pandas propose, hundreds of thousands of people eat "national treasure dog food"!
Chengdu Chunxi Road PandaIs Chunxi Road in Chengdu fun? What about the scenic spots on Chunxi Road in Chengdu_ Comments_ evaluate
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Chengdu Chunxi Road PandaIn the past five years, this climbing panda has been popular all over the country, and "under the panda's butt" has become Chunxi Road
Chengdu Chunxi Road PandaA lot of people are taking photos with pandas. It can also be said that this is a new landmark of Chengdu

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