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AUB's fatherInclude some magazines, descriptions of arcades, interpretation of individual / joint discussion performance, and E.S
AUB's fatherMany years later, the reincarnation of the little bu'ou (Wupu) took Sun Wukong as his teacher. Xiaofang, the daughter of WuFan, was also born
AUB's fatherAUB Altman, at the end of AUB Altman's finale, our AUB uses the AUB holy sword to summon
AUB's father"Reprint" the Encyclopedia of the three forms of oubu, embracing darkness and transforming light——
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AUB's fatherIt seems that AUB hasn't been angry
AUB's fatherLet's listen to the voice of the orb circle when orb Altman transforms!

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