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The sound of Wanqian (Page 1)

The sound of WanqianHow to evaluate the performance of Sheng Lin Qi Jing in the second season semi-final
The sound of WanqianHer performance is excellent, and she is praised by Zhang Tielin for her eight roles
The sound of WanqianWan Qian, who acted as octagons, won the final of the annual Sound Festival of "sound in its land"
The sound of WanqianWho would have thought that in "sound comes to the scene", one person acted as octagons, and the audience was stunned by Wanxi's clothing and acting skills
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The sound of WanqianIn the resurrection competition of "sound comes to its realm", Wan Qian plays octagonal roles by herself, and her strength is amazing
The sound of WanqianWho could have thought of Wan Xi, who could have thought of one person's octagonal role in Sheng Lin Qi Jing

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