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Junior high school students (Page 1)

Junior high school students"Excellent students" in the comprehensive quality evaluation of middle school students in the spring of 2012
Junior high school studentsMany students in Hengshui middle school hold a book in their hands even if they are running and doing exercises
Junior high school studentsTibetan students in Chongqing Tibet middle school are having physical education (photo taken on March 31, 2006)
Junior high school studentsAt present, 116 rural compulsory education schools have completed the standardized construction of student canteens (small houses) and
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Junior high school studentsStudents bow to the statues of "general Peng Xuefeng" and the commemorative plates of "the twelve martyrs of Huiwen in Beijing" on campus
Junior high school studentsWeinan high tech Zone, Weinan senior high school is on physical education students

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