Subject of this article:Bad picture of ear edge (Page 1)

Bad picture of ear edge (Page 1)

Bad picture of ear edgeAt the end of last year, I went to the hospital to have a fistula operation in front of the ear. It has been nearly a year since then
Bad picture of ear edgeDog's ears are rotten
Bad picture of ear edgeThe ears are red, black and dirty, and the edges of the ears are broken, lasting for more than 4 months
Bad picture of ear edgeThe small red packets under the key ears have not improved, but have become more (the edges of the ears have become thick and white scabs, use
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Bad picture of ear edgeIt's also itchy, and there's a lot of dandruff on its ears, and the edges of its ears are thickened
Bad picture of ear edgePicture on abscess ear (page 2)

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