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Chicken sticks (Page 1)

Chicken sticks1 fried chicken with stick 2 fried steak 3 fried chicken leg 4 fried chicken wings 5 fried chicken rack 6 boneless chicken fillet 7 fried crab stick 8 fried spicy
Chicken sticksChuanxiang chicken fillet, Baoyou chicken fillet stick, fried snack chicken fillet, semi-finished frozen barbecue meat string, bone meat string
Chicken sticksThe manufacturer sells 640g * 12 boneless chicken fillet fresh quick-frozen fried chicken fillet stick frozen oil
Chicken sticksZhu Fuhua's chuanxiangjiliu / BBQ BBQ kebab / KFC chuanxiangjiliu package mail to Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and Anhui
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Chicken sticksJiliubang 500g (please choose cod instead of wechat payment)
Chicken sticksLooking forward to the direct sale of jiliubang wholesale factory

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