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Resume of actor Chi chongrui (Page 1)

Resume of actor Chi chongruiThe inside story of Chi chongrui's 23 year marriage history: the first rich woman proposes
Resume of actor Chi chongruiChi chongrui, national first-class actor, member of China TV drama Artists Association, consultant of Macao Song Performing Arts Association
Resume of actor Chi chongruiI participated in the recording of "sing together" program of Beijing Satellite TV_ Chi chongrui -- life only
Resume of actor Chi chongrui3. Chi chongrui, born in Beijing on December 23, 1952, Chinese mainland actor, businessman, graduated
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Resume of actor Chi chongruiTang Monk Chi chongrui and his wife Chen Lihua, 73, become the richest woman in a row
Resume of actor Chi chongruiResume of Chi chongrui Chen Lihua, wife of Chi chongrui

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