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Zhou XunShe became the dancer in the wind and moon, the blind girl in Jingke stabbing the king of Qin, and the mystery in Suzhou River
Zhou XunZhou Xun is good at "acting" nimbly, and one of his masterpieces is "crying"
Zhou XunThe original Xun Zhou performance, such as Yi Chuan blush, was mockery. She still remembered her being in the wind moon and Daming Palace.
Zhou XunThe biography of Ruyi without being immortal contributed to Zhou Xun's ugliest appearance in the history of Zhou Xun
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Zhou XunZhou Xun plays Fengyue
Zhou XunIn the same year, director Chen Kaige invited Zhou Xun to audition for the role of Ruyi in the literary film "Fengyue", but failed

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